The winning trophy design concept is pictured below. In all, we had 10,282 people place votes for the 3 trophy designs. 

The process from start to finish was: 

  1. The fans submitted ideas. Nearly 500 were submitted. 
  2. The top 6 ideas were reviewed by a committee of former Iowa and Iowa State players, coaches, and media as well as 2 farmer representatives and narrowed down to 3. 
  3. From April 14th - April 30th fans voted for their favorite concept. Trophy design #1 (Mascot) received 8,002- #2 (Corn) received 1,437 and #3 (Corn Stalk) received 843 votes.
  4. Now, the winning design will go into production by Rickabaugh Graphics

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series Panel:
Panel Members from both universities and Iowa Corn looked at the top 6 designs submitted by fans.
They were honored to be asked and took their responsibility very seriously. They narrowed down the
selection to 3 for a fan vote. Their votes were all tallied with ranking from 1-6. To keep the integrity of
their decisions, they were independently collected and then Rickabaugh Graphics rendered the top
designs. We thank them for their help in this process!

Iowa Representatives:
Coach Hayden Fry
Ed Podolak
Tim Dwight
Gary Dolphin

Iowa State Representatives:

John Quinn
Eric Heft
Ben Bruns
John Walters

Iowa Corn Representatives:
Dick Gallagher
Kevin Ross